Dunhill dating pipes

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An oxidized stem will taste foul and a blocked draft hole will cause you to puff harder to keep the fire lit in the bowl.

The pipe itself should have adequate rest between smokes and have the cake trimmed back to a reasonable thickness (I like less than a dime thick cake). It takes some experimentation to find out if a flake burns best fully rubbed out or folded and stuffed, which pipes work best with which tobacco etc. But, you can make sure that an over moist freshly opened tin of tobacco can have a chance to air out to the correct smoking humidity.

Pack the pipe properly, getting the tightness of the tobacco even, allowing for tobacco expansion if need be (refer to shag-cut tobaccos above).

Some tobaccos need to be packed in a bit tighter to get the correct draw, try different packing techniques until you find the one that works best for your pipe/tobacco combination.

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Made from the finest quality briar, the “Dunhill” represents more than 90 separate processes over a period of several months.

They have one thing in common, they are pipes from the leading brands - Dunhill, Charatan, Savinelli, Stanwell, Comoy, Larsen, quality Freeforms, GBD, etc; they have original mouthpieces and haven't been battered.

When new, many of these refurbished pipes would have been in the Prestige Pipe class.

And, what's more, the pipe has been "broken in" so that it should smoke beautifully from the start of its new life.

These pipes come from many sources - an estate, a smoker who has had to give up, a pipe that just didn't suit the smoker.

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