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Traffic on the Strip is always slow-moving on a Saturday evening, but it was especially thick in the aftermath of Mike Tyson’s first-round technical knockout of Bruce Seldon at the MGM Grand a few hours earlier. But as I’m riding toward them, I’m thinking, ‘These guys are on the run, there’s multiple cars and I’m heading nose-to-nose with them.’” ***** The details surrounding Tupac Shakur’s death have been recounted dozens of times in the nearly 18 years since the night he was shot in Las Vegas.

And, now, somewhere in the midst of all those vehicles was a caravan of cars, one of them perhaps carrying the shooter. Newspaper and magazine articles, books, documentaries and websites have recapped, analyzed, scrutinized and commodified the rapper and actor’s unsolved murder, ranging from sober accounts to wild-eyed conspiracy theories.

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The call came in on the radio just after p.m.: Shots had been fired near the intersection of Flamingo and Koval, with possible victims.

Several vehicles had made a U-turn on Flamingo and headed west.

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