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Just know you won't necessarily go through these in a linear fashion. Later, after the deep pain has subsided, ask yourself what might you be learning here?They're more like aspects of grief, because they overlap and more than one of the aspects can go on at the same time. Remember, we can't really control anything completely. Again, part of growing psychologically and spiritually is knowing that we don't have control over everything and that no matter what arises, we can keep learning and do our best." "It is so very hard to let go of a romantic relationship - indeed some say there is nothing more painful than heartbreak - and this is a challenging issue for many of the patients I see," said Alicia H.She publishes “Happiness Tips from Tina”, an e-mail newsletter, and the “, a website designed to strengthen relationships and guide couples through the various stages of their relationship with personalized tips, courses, and online couples counseling. Romance” with columns at I lost my dad when I was 18, but didn't really process the emotions at that time.Then, at 27, I went to therapy because of marital problems, and eventually got a divorce.Some of these links will lend a hand to those just beginning to struggle with the loss of a partner, while others will speak to those farther down the road, yet who still need to check in once in a while to know that everything will be okay and who need different kinds of “checkpoints.” Your journey is your own, and no ones will be the same.Simply knowing that you’re not alone can provide strong reassurance, and supply you with the courage to move forward. This book has short, one page thoughts for love, inspiration and guidance. She has more than 30 years of experience as a relationship counseling therapist and is an accomplished author with more than 13 books in 17 languages, including The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again, Money, Sex and Kids: Stop Fighting About the Three Things That Can Ruin Your Marriage and The Commuter Marriage. Tessina is a licensed psychotherapist in Long Beach, California who specializes in counseling individuals and couples through relationships. Tessina has a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Lindenwood University and a doctorate in Counseling Psychology from Pacific Western University.

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"While conventional wisdom holds that the partner who does the breaking up has an easier time letting go, my clinical experience has shown that it has more to do with how you think about the relationship, and how much you let yourself fantasize about the 'highlight reel' memories, and what could have been.“I went on a date with this attractive blonde,” says the 44-year-old photographer from New York.“We went to a restaurant in her neighborhood and I asked her what she liked to order and she says, ‘The ham crepe is really good.’ And I kind of looked at her and she says, ‘Oh, did I forget to tell you?Few struggle to let go of the realities of the relationship, but many have a hard time letting go of the fantasy of what they wanted their relationship to be," Clark said.It's normal to mourn the good times of a relationship, once it's over, but it can easily become problematic, Clark said.

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